Goodbye, Empire!

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  1. I will be leaving my second server I have played on behind to visit my brother on his servers. However I will not leave until I get my new account in order to join his server, so I will be around for another week. My last actions will be this:
    Running a challenge for getting all of my rupees
    And running a challenge to get everything on my res.
    I still will occasionally visit to see my friends who play this server.
  2. Noooooo! Why?! Another player leaving... :(
    *Edit* first post in the thread :D
  3. Yes. I am. You can join me on my new server though chas. I just have to find out how to tell you wat it is.
  4. I was afk when you talked to me, sorry.
  5. that was why :)
  6. Anyway, I will see some of you around after I go on to ___ ycr___t.___
  7. I wouldnt advertise unless you dont want to ever visit again
  8. Well, I didn't give the whole name
  9. Anyway,ya ur right
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  10. Psych! I and jp are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. That's JP and I to you, mister. :p
  12. The Grammar Police O_O