Goodbye, Empire Minecraft.

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  1. Disregard the title- I'm just not going to be on the servers. :)
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  2. NOOO I feel so bad, Im sorry!
    PLEASE!!!!!! WHY!!??? :(
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  3. Sorry to hear that SpaceShuttleFan :( I wish you didn't have to go. Not sure if you'll see this. Hopefully you can come back again.

    Kinda one of the issues with people's screen names. Sometimes they don't think before picking a name or they have a name they think is funny that other people find offensive.
  4. Terry, Dat Errorist.

    You know, Terry...that guy who makes errors.
  5. ............. Lol.

    Hope your parents come around soon
  6. I gotta be completely honest here. Your name is not offensive and you shouldn't feel as if it was your fault personally. I think the decision made by the parents here was a bit...over the top and I'm sorry that it was taken to this extreme. While I'm never one to tell someone how to parent their own children, my opinion on this is that it's a little crazy.
  7. IDK...... I read Terry's name same as his parents but then again I play games and understand the comedy in it.
  8. Same. I read it as Terry Da Terrorist just as it's spelled. But I know it's a game and that he's not some guy out here blowing up buildings and attacking countries.
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  9. I mean, I also read it as Terry Da Terrorist...but the fact that we're an online game and he wasn't out planning to blow up buildings on an actual Terrorist secret forum is the part that I think is silly.

    My friends and I have a "clan" of sorts that was super active in TF2 360 called the Jetpack Terrorists. We are neither terrorists or have jetpacks.
  10. Thanks guys, I believe a friend of mine read my name as terrydat errorist
  11. Welcome to 2012 - for all i care you could be called iHeilYou.

    Still doesnt make it your fault in the slightest way! Now - go cut some wood! :D
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  12. Some parents...
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  13. I read it as you did as well. I agree with your statement about the parenting, but as there may be parents on here, I thought I would keep it light.

    I've always thought that the more you shelter (and therefor limit) your children, the more they end up rebelling. Not to mention, it makes them more naive to the world later in life.
  14. Thats crazy. Wow
  15. I'm not plugging another server with this post, so to avoid confusion I will not say which server.. I play on one of the many "prison" servers when I'm bored or feel the need to be chased around a courtyard with a sword.. TerryDaTerrorist is child's play to some of the offensive and derogatory igns I see log in all day, and there its like second nature so it is usually overlooked. I've blushed at a few and gotten offended at others, but I don't let it bother me. The ign TerryDaTerrorist doesn't bother me whatsoever. As ICC stated, I believe that the parents just overtly overreacted, trying to be "protective" while in actuality "smothering", in my own opinion of course..
  16. I used to be 2nd lady in a Bicycle gang.. By bicycle, I mean mountain bicycles.. We didn't break any laws or anything, we would just ride our bikes as a "gang" together as one, and we had each other's backs.. :3
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  17. He raps happy.

    No swearing... except in movies.
  18. Kids being bubble wrapped today will perish in the real world.
  19. Sorry to see you leave:(