Goodbye EMC...

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  1. It is very hard to say this but, goodbye. I noticed that EMC has been taking 25% of my time. I needed to focus more on my studies and I needed to focus on my new agenda. I have been hired to maintain a server and playing in EMC, trying to maintain a server, and school is just very time consuming. I made this thread so people who are concerned about me may know why I am gone. I hope to be back in EMC very soon, EmpireMinecraft's community is like no other. I will continue to support EMC with my supporter rank, I hope people that know me in SMP5 will keep my shop (10030) in stock. It is very hard to let the things you love go because you have to focus on more important things in life. I have met people that inspired me and taught me lessons. We had fun times, then we had our bad times, but in EMC everything will turn out great in the end. As for now, goodbye and hope to see old faces when I come back.

    ~ Michael
  2. WHY

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  3. noooooo u will be mest on smp5 you will be in my grave yard
  4. it is so sad to see you go. you will be missed fellow Delta Team member.

    what happens to all of your rupees which are stockpiled? do they go to copher for DT, or me, for being awesome? :p
  5. My rupees will not be given to anyone, the rupees are meant as a fail-safe just in case someone sells me a trillion diamonds. So people will always have the freedom of selling to my shop, I expect my rupees to go higher, or go lower. Not really sure, I will be not be active on the forums, I might login once a week. I will not be online in the servers anymore.
  6. ...I've noticed that.. :(
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  7. controller good luck.

  8. Please Don't do it D:
  9. yeah, this is becoming common now.. another one bites the dust...

    konglooey84 left and he was like a huge inspiration for my res on smp6. I was sad to see him go, and he had very similiar reasons for leaving as you do controller. Best of luck to you!:)
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  10. Dang all the people who started on smp5 are leaving or moving to different smp's
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  11. 25%?? Emc takes 100% of my time ;)
  12. Their not, they will all be back next october
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  13. No! If the greats leave, it will leave the novices like me! <:C I dun even have a shop set up, THAT is how nooby I am!
  14. Hah XD I wish :(
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  15. dont u dare forget about use, make sure to at least come back every now and then, also school is for squares minecraft is for cubes, you know you want to stay a cube:D
  17. No! Controller....
  18. Maybe it's because people keep typing in huge capital letters, and using lots of question-marks? :)
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  19. I agree.. :3
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