Goodbye EMC!

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  1. I am now logging off for the final time...until next week! :p
    I go on holiday twice every year, once in June and once in August. And tomorrow I leave for whales! :D I have to pack tonight, and go out at 7:00 in the morning to get more food for my axolotls (I got alot today but most of it was dead), and then I leave at 12:00PM. I've already dropped my dog off at my grandparent's house.

    So yeah, see you guys next week. I may be online tomorrow for a few minutes and I will be online for maybe 10 minutes after I post this thread. I won't be gone for long. Maybe a week but I only have 4 days worth of things to do.

    Don't miss me too much! :p
  2. Yeah, the title is partly troll :p
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  3. No we need the groth of ender mart!!!!!!
  4. *Off topic* Jimbo Hotels?
  5. ?
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  6. I wonder when the omplyics begin
  7. I'm going on vacation for the week, so it won't be this week. It will start when we have everything ironed out on the server and the map is ready.
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  8. Hey now, only I can troll!
    <-----Note the skin.
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  10. are you going to Wales or are you going to see some whales? i'm confused
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  11. Hmmm.... how did you get your profile pic? (I mean what's the color correction, because I used to have that profile pic as well.)
  12. Hey I have a joke
    How do you get two whales in your car?
    Drive to England and take a left :)
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  13. Dont get it...
  14. XD
  15. It was my brother's cover photo on Facebook :p It's a black ops 2 zombies banner. I just cropped it.
    I'm going to whales. Why was it confusing? :confused:
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  16. no fair, i copy-righted that idea!
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  17. Wales* Whales is the mammal :p
  18. It was 11 o'clock at night ;P
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  19. no one noticed i left for a week:(