Goodbye, EMC!

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  1. I'm leaving to wales next week today (I go twice a year. But last time there was flooding so we had to leave unexpectedly) with my family so i'll be inactive for that week and I don't know how many weeks i'm there for. Starpuncher is also my brother so he'll be gone too.

    Also, JackBiggin, take this as extra time to work on the creation station! :p

    Also, I may be gone for the week I come back aswell. I'm getting a new computer chair in sometime, I need a new keyboard and maybe a new mouse, so i'll have to move all of that in. And i'm selling alot of things, and a new computer is on my most wanted list of things :p
  2. ok ave a good time
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  3. See ya couple weeks then have fun and be safe :)
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  4. Don't have to much fun :p
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  5. Have a nice time :)
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  6. what part of wales?
  7. Welshpool :D Holiday park is maes yr afron. I have welsh family, so I had to learn welsh :p Both sides of my family come from spain, so I had to learn spanish aswell.
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  8. I've heard of that, i got to wales sometimes Porthmadog i stay at Aberduant caravan park, i own one on there. And english ;)