Good way to level up

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  1. does anyone no a good way to level up quickly?
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  2. use a public XP farm, there are many of those out there. Search the forums for "public farms" or "public utilities" to find out details.

    you could also smelt cobble, that will give you a decent amount of levels if you're low and just need a few.
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  3. I know that villager trades is a decent way to farm XP
  4. Mining quartz in the waste is a good way to gain quick XP too
  5. if u go 2 /frontier w (wild west frontier, lol!) on smp4 and go east u will see a snow tunnel. go in, go down the stairs and u'll come across an obby altar. wait 4 it and zombies will drop down, kill them and u get easy xp. u can even use a potatoe 2 kill zombies if u want ^.^

    its a public zombie xp farm made by kevmeup and works good. even has an anvil 4 easy repairs :)