Good Texture Packs

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  1. Hey guys, so I have been wanting to get a new texture pack forever! I want to know what you guys suggest, and what your favorite texture packs are?? :)
  2. I use to use faithful but im on defauot atm too lazy to do it
  3. Ozocraft is really nice. Simple textures but makes everything look better without going overboard.
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  4. I second this :).

    I also like ChromaHills and HerrSommer and HerrSommer Dye. There's also a Rustic and Medieval version.


    Ozo, Chroma and Herr are the only ones I've used that I could stand for long periods of time.
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  5. Faithful for me.
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  6. I used to use a mixture of soartex fanver and sphax ( soartex for vanilla and sphax for modded textures )

    I haven't played vanilla in a long long time..

    EDIT: I believe soartex fanvers default resolution is 128x128
    and they dont have an option to go higher or lower than that.
  7. i use faithful or john smith legacy
  8. Thank you for all the suggestions! It really helps!! :)
  9. I would suggest the Painterly Pack for a nice 16-bit look. Plus the whole purpose of the pack is that practically every texture has dozens of options (over 9000 in all) through an application on the site (, though the default set is wholly serviceable.
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