good saveing tip well.... sort of

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  1. I always save my rupees I have 927r remember:keep saveing!!!
  2. I've got 10k :( I keep spending
  3. I save save save, 53k now, when i sell my silk touch pick 63k :p
  4. What I hoped would be an informative guide on how to instruct new players to make money turns out to be this.

    You start with 1500r, 927r means you spent some. Saving your daily rupees isn't the way to make money, mining is.
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  5. I don't really have much to add to this, except that personally, I find that selling enchanted items is the best way to earn rupees in EMC.

    Oh, and yobunch132, your avatar is terrible, and more than a little offensive :(
  6. lol srry my friend put it there and thats not a bad idea thanks margaritte