good or bad idea? EMC Lottery TM :P

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Good idea bad idea...

yes do it 4 vote(s) 66.7%
noooo bad idea D: 2 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. Hi EMC,
    I was thinking of setting up a lottery thing where people pay say 50r or 100r and it all goes into a pot or an account (I may buy an alt for this) and 70% goes to the prize 20% to some community project and 10% to the organisation to build mega malls. The figures are not set in stone and can be changed but I can see there could be problems with getting lottery numbers and submitting these numbers. Please post any ideas and constructive criticism and I am not definitely doing this just curious if its legal and if it would work. I am honestly doubtful this would work but eh worth looking into if it can help the EMC community :)
  2. I think this is already planned
  3. really by who?
  4. Just to let you know, running this through the forums would be illegal ^.^
  5. if this makes sense I can understand that but how?
    and a daily raffle is planned:
  6. The staff have this planned for future events I believe. Contact Maxarias or the Cow. I think one of them had said something a while ago.
  7. ..because gambling at a cost through the forums is illegal..
  8. ok I didnt know that thanks anyway I just was wondering if it was allowed but didnt want to bother any staff with a stupid question on the forums :p
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  9. Um.
    I don't know...
    If you have the rules on both the res and the thread, it should be ok (I think. Maybe... ;3)
    Anyways, I think the idea is good, it's just you might want to check with some staff members first.
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  10. Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure that as long as all money paid from participants is given to the winner, it's fine. Still though, you have to get permission from a staff member.
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  11. It's on the gambling regulations that forum games can't have a fee. Must be done 100% in game.
  12. No this is what it says on the Wiki:
    Any games that make profit (in any way) must be run in-game. They may not be run on the Forums. Giveaways that require no fee to enter are fine though.

    So if I kept 10% profits I couldn't do it on the forums, but I have no clue for charity things as the OP said. Again, I highly suggest getting some staff members opinions on this.
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