Good or bad choice?

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  1. So, after The WarZ developers really getting on my nerves and stuff, i've decided to spend my christmas money on a game called Overgrowth. I'll be buying it tomorrow if I can.

    The thing is, the people who develop The WarZ have a history of making really crappy games. The graphics are bad, the zombies spawn in mass quantities EVERYWHERE so it's literally IMPOSSIBLE to survive for very long, the game charges MICRO-TRANSACTIONS even when you buy it for a full price, and the company are so cheap they even Copy + Pasted LoL's T&Cs, and the game was recently stripped off Steam and refunds are being given out even though the developers don't want that to happen. Also, they stole The Walking Dead's artwork and deny all of this information - even though it happens right under everybody's noses so obviously, we all can see what they're doing. This video sums up my complaints:

    Overgrowth, on the other hand, has intense combat, a nice level making platform, and is a sort of 'sequel' to an awesome game called Lugaru. This video sums my praise up:

    Although I like this game, and while it does look like a great game to have fun on, I have a few very tiny doubts: The enemies are sometimes OP and the combat is extremely difficult to master. It also has no tutorial on how to use things...but hey, it's in alpha. Like when I bought Minecraft and Project Zomboid.
  2. Save up and get Sim City 5 when it comes out. We can play multiplayer.
  3. I considered that but TBH I don't really want it. Once my nan has her christmas dinner with us and leaves i'm going to ask my mum to buy Overgrowth. I have £20 which is more than enough and the 2 pounds left over will go towards a bottle of lucozade and maybe a mars bar :p
  4. i dont have a clue what those are.
  5. A lucozade is an energy drink.
    A mars bar is a chocolate bar that contains caramel and Nougat.
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  6. I thought they were calling it quits with SC4. I'm sorry, but I think it's getting WAY too in depth and focused far too narrowly. I spent more time in SC4 resolving traffic jams (that were based on absolutely stupid logic) than I did actually enjoying the game.
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  7. LOL
  8. The completely re did the simulation in SC5. Ask btribble, he was almost the Technical Art Director of Sim City.