Good of thinking of names? [PRIZE]

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  1. Anyways so my parents are making me do a summer project so I don't waste my whole summer on Minecraft (try to stop me ;p) Anyways I decided to get a dubstep and music editing program. My hopes are by the end of the summer to have made a song or 2 and sell one on iTunes :D

    I need you to think of an artist name for me.
    Facts About me:
    Real name is Bryce (Oh God! An Anon spoke his name xD)
    Thats all you really have to know :D

    Make the title have something to do with Dubstep and NOT with Minecraft

    1 Set of chainmail Armor (If sold can bring 800-1k profit) and 32 xp bottles! (worth 640r)
    Why such a sucky prize?? All your doing is thinking up of a name that consists of very few letters!

    Enter as many times as you like!
  2. [RESERVED] for Emblem contest
  3. Prize Edited to: Chainmail armor + 32 xp bottles (worth 640r!)
  4. Is this because the prize sucks or because not alot of people are on the forums?

  5. enderbass, creeperdr0p, derpinBASS,
  6. If you don't mind me asking, what DAW are you using? Also, sorry I don't have a name for you, I'm really bad at this :p
  7. Please, make it have nothing to do with Minecraft
    DAW?? Im using Fl Studio 11 to make music but I don't know what DAW is, Im new to this stuff.
  8. doctor beats, supersquid, brycedabeast, anonboss, M.C. Everyman, dontworryitscoming,
  9. Brycetaceus
  10. brycecheck on cola, shrimp fried bryce, look its....., I just woke up, DJ bronystache, parkour? I dont even know her!, emotiCON leader of the autobots, bryce and the masters of the universe, glitchstep mobarena, disc 12, (i know you said no minecraft but im just spitballing)
  11. One word please :D
  12. Bryce.exe , or Bry.exe
  13. ? Cool i guess
  14. epileptic attack!, mastercontrol, head vomitorium, exclamation > , griefbot3013, delirium tremors, brypanic membrane
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  16. fullstop, thorium, asgardian, lulyup, mudkipz, uhhhhhhh why one word?
  17. I like Halo too, One word just cause