Good Neighbor Program

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Roslyn, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. For a while now, me and a few others will go and help newer players to the Empire Minecraft Community. Whether its with questions, or telling them how to get more engaged with the Server such as registering onto the Forums. Our small group has managed to keep 95% of new joining players onto the servers with these simple acts of kindness. I even myself will give them a hand and help them out on their plots or help them claim a plot.

    Why I have brought up this thread is because I believe its as important as the vote system itself. This method is effective and proves to those new that we are a great community to be apart of. They will see the awesomeness and you will create a new memory in their chapter at Empire Minecraft. This is done purely out of good heart. There is no reward but you will know you are contributing to this community in a great way. Oh and you'll feel a lot better after doing so. Me and our group love this opportunity to help new players. So today, Instead of ignoring that player who will ask 1000 questions, go to their residence, help them, Tell them about the forums and have them make an Introductory Thread. Show them that Empire Minecraft is more than a community but one strong family. Tips and knowledge to them can make the difference to keep a player to stay here. Enhance the voting system even further by meeting these new players when possible. Be the Community you want to see <3

    Have a Wonderful Christmas Holiday Empire Minecraft!

  2. This deserves a bump :)
  3. One for group or rep.s for every smp to monitor their smp and check on their smp?
  4. I don't think it should be something to be monitored, honestly - Just if you see someone new you should always try and help if you can (or even not new really)