Good movies.

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  1. I was just seeing if the community had any good ideas for movies/tv shows as at the moment i dont feel like getting on the server.
  2. Good movie right there.
  3. Yes. Some of the newer superhero movies, like 'Thor', 'Captain America', etc. are good. I would watch all of the X-Men series. I love those.
  4. Ya i've just decided imma go on a american pie marathon.
  5. Good idea. I haven't seen the new one yet, but it looks decent.
  6. you should watch the avengers I watched it yesterday IT'S AMAZING!!!! :D
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  7. How in the world did you watch it yesterday?
  8. I'm in New Zealand it came out 25 of april here :)
  9. o.o I wish I was you.
  10. not giving away any spoilers but the HULK gets angry :D
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  11. Ugh...I cannot wait until the 4th of May. Thanks snozles for not giving away spoilers. I'm ready to see this already and I'm sick & tired of people bragging that they've already seen it :confused: :D
    I'm trying to go in spoiler free, but the urge to read an in-depth review or try to find out information is very tempting.
  12. lol no problem dude I want people to have the same experience as me: no spoilers just going in there excited and waiting to see the hulk
  13. Tv shows: One Piece, Death Note, Firefly, The Walking Dead.
    Movies: The Prince's Bride, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
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  14. Tv Shows: Big Bang Theory, Two and a half men, The walking dead
    Movies: Lord of the Rings, Star wars.
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  15. The Hunger Games :D
  16. You and the hunger games
  17. :D
  18. Tv Shows: The IT Crowd, Eureka, Stargate SG-1 , Heroes, Warehouse 13, The Mighty Boosh, Dollhouse.
    Movies: Repo! The Genetic Opera, The Nightmare before Christmas, Muppet Treasure Island, Art School Confidential, Hogfather, "Girl, Interrupted", Better Than Chocolate.
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  19. The walking dead, Spartacus, How i met your mother, 2 and a half men, Big bang theory, Revenge, Jersey shore.
    I'm looking forward to The Hobbit aswell :D