Good Luck

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  1. Today in Ireland (junior cert) and England (O levels) everyone's exam's began,
    just here to say good luck to everyone. And do your best. :)
  2. Not sure about O levels starting today mate, my first exam this year was on 13th May...
  3. Yeah, A levels have been ongoing I think, I was sharing a exam hall with them while doing my GCSE Biology Exam, I believe they were doing psychology and sociology, the fire alarm went of half way through by some idiot year 9's setting it off, it really distracted me -.-
  4. Was that today at 1:30 start time, 1h 15m long and was the 'DAS Biology unit 2' exam? If so we probably did the same exam :)

    No alarms went off for mines though...
  5. Nah it was AQA Biology unit 1 at the start time of 1pm for one hour, however because of the fire bell going off we were allowed a extra 15 minutes :)
  6. Different exam then, ours was CCEA Biology. Only time I ever got anything extra in an exam was last year, a phone went off during an English Language exam last year and everyone got an extra mark :) except the guy that had the phone, who got zero marks...
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