Good Day ToDay

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  1. Wandering around..
    Heard New year drop Party at Utopia?
    Go then.

    Get 7 Aikars head.
    After Drop party, Wandering SMP6 Wasteland spawn.

    Cold prisence.. 4 chunk.. 5 chunk..
    erai1210 : Where is that.. And Drop some Promos please..

    And I saw, Zombie.
    Just standing at Forest. Yes. Just Momentus.
    I ran away and bring my PVP sword and Armor, Strength pot.
    Momentus? Fallen. And got Vault voucher.

    Oh. Need some snow! I forgot it! Need to build with it!

    In Ice Plain, Just Darkness and Mobs. Anyway I just mining Snow

    But I Forced to stop mining - You Feel esses sence..

    Desipte I just wearing voters armor and sword, And no pots.
    Dicided to kill it.
    I built mini port but I miss one thing.

    Marlix Draws You in! Wow.

    And Got lots of gifts from Guardian skeltons.
    Only 1 heart left. Digging down.. Please..
    And Successed to regeneration.

    Anyway, Even for dreaded moments, I survived and
    Killed that. Got marlix's Bow too.

    If I died there, how can I post this Adventure? :)

    Due to battle, I cant get snow blocks that I want.
    Anyway, come back to spawn...
    Oh.. Yet Another Momentus!

    Run away from it, Got to outpost.
    And prepare to battle. Then killed it.
    Poor zombie.. Just all the quite worthless items..

    And I visit Smp4, For Get some snow.
    And I got some snow. Living snows. Bilzz Ards.
    One of them Give Avalauncher for me.
    One of them Give His(her)(or..) Arm for me.
    Others give token.. For me.

    Oh. going to Spiked Ice biome, Need to pass Tagia.
    A fire wandering around.
    First I thought just a Lighting - Stromy Here..

    But it was Marlix!
    While fighting, Marlix Run away here and go riverside.
    Nice Disadventage to move with my voters boots.

    And I got it. Got Marlixs Bow too.

    After I got Tons of snow blocks and riding my mule to go spawn..
    Riding On mountain is Dangerous,But Survived.

    Oh. Giant looking me. Then I will give.. Fallen.

    Got Vault voucher.

    What a lucky day.

    Got 7 aikar head. 2 Marlix bow. 2 avalauncher.
    1 Bilzz ards Arm. 2 vault voucher.
    How worth they are?
    I feel Earn 1,000,000 rupee in just one day.