Good bye smp7

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  1. Well this is old but I didn't say anything on the forums so, I am moving to smp1 don't worry my res and the other s on smp7 will not be erased I'm just adding a new res to smp1 and just wanted to post it i'll be sure to visit and have a nice day -charizard510
  2. Wait, isn't this the community auction section? :p
  3. Yes it is xD
  4. 88r!
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  5. 1000r! :p
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  6. 1 million rupees! :p

    Cuz yolo
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  7. 3.14 mill
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  8. Min bid increase is 2r!
    Btw i think it is moved to the right section now
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  9. 10k - [(10k - (10k - (10k - 9.998k)))]

  10. Messed up on the equation

    Its actually:

    10k + [(10k - (10k - (10k - 9.998k)))]


  12. But in all seriousness, this is in community DISCUSSION now, so we can get back to the main subject.

    What is causing you to leave smp7?
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  13. Oh, I thought this was still in community auction fourms. Sorry. Anyways, I will love to take all your rupeez Olaf_C . . .