Good Bye Everyone.

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  1. Now is time to say goodbye. I thought the best way would be to go in-to depth on my EMC experience, from humble beginnings, to a sad end.

    When I was first told about EMC from my friends Zeddsigma and Domfom, it was sketchy, to say the least. They had me go to this website and sign up, which I had the worst luck doing, but after that, then the GRUELING tutorial. It took me 10-15 minutes with a little Skype help, but I finished. Then, it was off to SMP3 (Which, back in my day, we only had 4 SMP's.)

    Then, I was off to the Wilderness to fetch some Timber. It took awhile, but I was able to get some wood, coal, iron, gold, redstone, diamond, and stone to bring home.

    I made it to town, and when I got there I was instructed to buy A house, I got lot 7375, the best lot possible on the edge of town, next to my buds lots. Dom's was an unorganized grassy, hoppy terrace while Zedd's was a neatly placed plantation with two orifices made of fence leading in. My house was a 3 block tall stone brick wall that didn't take up the whole res. I put my redstone skills to use when I made the entrance an airlock door with a piston shower. I made my house inside those comfy walls.

    By then, I had gotten 3 more people to join the server. My good friend Trent(_the_Troll) and Lolol33 and his brother Mrmissle. I think somewhere in between Zedd got banned and so did Dom and I, but we got the lesser Temp-Ban. Zedd got it Rough with a Perma-Ban and He was never unbanned.

    Now I had gotten Familiar with both the Nether and The wilderness and we had along the way, used the live map to locate the Pickaxe and Shovel Looking Base of AndrewBuchinger, far out at sea. I had gotten Zedd and the now banned Dom and Trent Alias accounts of (respectively) TESTIFASTE, P3D0_B34R_911, and biggiesmawlls, per request. I had let them live in my now developing house (Although I still kept the nostalgic 3 block high stone brick walls.)

    I had been out in the wilderness when I happened upon a stronghold. I was able to salvage about 1 stack of each kind of stone brick. It was pretty awesome. When I got back to town, I began the humble beginnings of Matt's Expedition League where I would lead Adventure-Hungry Explorers to the many fascinating sights of the Wilderness, including the stronghold I found.

    Our first Expedition had begun. A team of I believe 6. I remember Niko, and Biggie, the rest have faded from my mind. We were off to a good start when Niko suggested his way was better. We stumbled upon someones dungeon and ravine. Niko had already left when the five of us ventured deep into the Earth and as we walked, someone slipped and died. someone tried mining out beneath Biggies feet and Biggie killed him. I was appalled. Next, he purposely lava'd someone to death to get their diamonds. I had gotten furious that my friend had killed them. I swiftly took action and left as biggie slipped and died (On his own accord.) I was left the task of repaying for all damage done, as biggie was now banned. In the end, I helped it get appealed.

    I begun the epic project of creating a visitor friendly res, complete with an auction house, storage, hotel, and store. I finished the Auction House and had my first auction, where I packed the chests with tons of Great items. Everyone was happy (Until it ended.)

    I met my new best friend Prodogy_x and we had the most wonderful misadventures. I helped him, he helped me, and we had fun.

    But then came the inevitable decline.

    The first sign was when I spent all my money on A silk Touch pick. I was broke. I became a Diamond for one month to get myself an economical standing point. TESTEFASTE was banned and Biggs became a Diamond supporter.

    Next, Me and Biggs went out mining at Andrew's underwater palace. I felt scared since the last time we went to the Wilderness, at least 3 people died, two at the hands of him. He had promised me a share of everything we got. He eventually came up, pants full of minerals. I presented to him my profits and when I asked for him to divvy them up, he told me no. We fought until physical harm where Biggie fell into lava, jumped out, and burned to death. He blamed it all on me, so I had to sprint back to town, but died trying.

    He lied and got me banned.

    I had gotten unbanned and started to work on my shop and hotel. I had let Zedd go onto Biggiesmawlls account, considering it was mine, and he went on and raged. I was the victim of endless walls of text, mainly composed of swears and shouts. I was a little depressed because now lolol33 sided with him, since we all knew each other in real life. I guess I was always the odd one out, because as I fitted into every in school clique, I never found an actual group to call home. He and Lol raged and raged until, guess what,

    He lied and got me banned. Again.

    After A good long while of arguing with admins, I got unbanned and was unbanned. I was now so tired of everything that I nearly collapsed when Prodogy told me he was moving to the New SMP5. I was oh so sad.

    I became rich when I hit the motherload of Diamond and every kind of ore, in block form with my Silk Touch Pick. I decided to go off for a while to play Skyrim, but school caught up with me and I had no free time for computers.

    I came back and everyting was gone.

    I Had no Diamond supporter status, no home, and no one left. I was so stressed I quit.

    Until today.

    I decided that the ghosts of the past will haunt me no longer. I willed all my possessions away and my money of 25000 rupees to thelonexfactor who, to this day, has THE BEST shop on Empire.

    And here I am.

    Leaving Empire.

    And I did not recognize a single player.

    I thank anyone who has read up to this point. I have already deleted all of the EMC servers from my server log and I have one last request.

    Anyone on EMC.

    Please tell the Owner of lot 7375

    To make a grand memorial to me and my Cape of justice.

    For one of the Greatest EMC Legacies yet.

    Thank you and goodbye EMC, for taking years off my life.

    [EDIT: Me and Trent and Lol are all friends again. I have devoted my time to School, My Dog, and My server. If anyone would like to contact me further, hopefully with good tidings of my memorial, talk to me at Thank you.]
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  2. Just posting to keep this thread alive.
  3. jeeez thats a crazy story i have one similar too :'(
  4. No dont leave us you should come back and check on use every once in a while....
  5. Just putting this out there...

    Why not get better friends? Use the /ignore feature. If someone proves themselves to be .. trying to avoid inappropriate wording... not nice person once, then it is likely it will happen again. If you refuse to participate in the drama then they will go away. You bring it on yourself. It is just a video game.
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  6. Back in his day when there were 4 smps? What was that? 2 months ago?
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  7. You know, I'm always looking for new friends. :) I agree with melodytune. Just make better friends. It makes everyone happier, instead of you leaving some friends behind and causing more sadness.
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  8. I feel like claiming your residence and making a giant statue of you :'(
    Tho i didn't know you well i still think you'r awesome (just because of this thread)
  9. And now my brain has processed why you popped up in lonexfactor's shop and dumped all of your stuff on me.