Good Bye, Empire Minecraft. My One and Only Final Farewell [LOCKED:Goodbye thread]

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  1. I believe this is where I get off.

    I've been a member of the Empire Minecraft Train for over 212 days now and I have finally decided that it is time to get up and find my way off this train.

    I've picked up a couple hobbies, Spoken to many members whom of which I respect and thank for being open with kind arms. But I've decided it is time to go, over the past month I've gradually became inactive and lost interested in Empire Minecraft or Minecraft in general.
    I came onto Empire Minecraft and made a give away of sorts where id upgrade users monthly, but I sadly was unable to fulfill this promise. I am dearly sorry for this.

    Last night on SMP6, I gave away all my rupee's and rare items, declaimed both of my residences to open them up for new members to take advantage of. I'm sorry I did not make an announcement that I would be giving all of this away, but I just wanted to give it out and not publish my leaving much further then that and this one thread.

    Some of the Item's Given:
    Enchanted Axes,S word, Shovels, Pick Axe's
    Holiday Pick,
    Akiar Signatures,
    Haunted Heads,
    Stacks of Iron, Gold and Lapis Lazuli.

    I will be uploading video's to Youtube regularly as my new hobby is Art and I like to make Time Lapse video's . Feel free to Subscribe or something... Ahh forget it I bet none of you will be interested in what I have to offer anyway.

    I suppose you can consider this my final farewell, I believe there is a greater destination in the path beyond the starts
    Good Bye Empire Minecraft.
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Thread Status:
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