Good Bye, EMC!!!!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Ryuga_XI, Jun 9, 2013.

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  1. So, well, this is goodbye to EMC. My Minecraft account got hacked, and now I can't go online. And the reason why I don't want to have a new account is because IF I have one, I'll be a "new guy" on EMC. (Ryuga_XI, my account that got hacked, is 550+ days on EMC.) And I got SO much stuff on 1540 and 1291 that I don't want to lose them all. So, I'll never be online again. And if you see me online, it's probably the hacker that took my account. So, goodbye, EMC, and I bid IceCreamCow and all the moderators goodbye. (I.C.C, you still owe me that chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips. :D)

    Retiring from online Minecraft forever,

    P.S: This, of course, DOESN'T mean I'm not going to be on the forums! I'll be here for a LONGGGGGGGGG.......... time. xD
  2. wait how do we know your not the hacker?....jk bye
  3. Goodbye threads are not allowed.

    Maybe try resetting your password :)
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  4. You don't have to get a new account just to stop hacking. Change your password as fast as possible, and try to go on EMC again. Ryuga. Get that ice cream.
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  5. I've been hacked three times... Luckily, it all happened at my friends house who had an IP ban, so nothing happened on empire. I just changed my password and everything is ok. This was two months ago.
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