Good bye, EMC.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by copherfield, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. Tired and sick of this I must say I'm going to leave.

    I had great times with you, EMC community but the time has come to me and I'm leaving.
    This got really personal for me, I used to check the forums each time I could (any time in the day) and I logged in every day to do something, thing is: EMC got boring for me.

    This thread IS going to be long, get prepared.

    When i first joined EMC i hoped to be on the best servers ever, that though lasted pretty long and I got adicted to EMC, every week or so we had an update, a contest, a game or SOMETHING to actually do on the empire servers, seems like after Justin left (temporaly) this was no longer the case.
    I joined something that took me several hours a day and I was happy with it, but now is not the same. The times have changed, I changed and people changed, names I used to see every time I logged-in are no longer the same, activity on the chat/forums/server is not the same, I used to see the EMC servers 55/60 -full each afternoon and that was a bummer, now i realize it's even worst to see servers all the time rounding the 30 players online.

    The most important thing now is the rupee, the money became the only interest and it's not what I'm looking on a server, if I wanted to care about money i'll just keep in my real life.

    I created some great projects, but they wouldn't be interesting for a community that says to be around the 35k members, the Delta Team never had more than 120 registered members, the emcpro project had only 1 comment and the forums where just dead.
    I'm not squared and I discovered that while I was here, a 60x60 plain terrain is not enough for me to let my creativity flow freely, it's just not my life style.
    Maybe I'll come back, maybe not, this became part of my life so i don't really know if my strings are still attached but I'm shure that I want to say good bye to this, to the people that helped me since I joined, to the moderators I discussed with, to the private conversations about my projects with Jeremy (ICC) and my complaints to Justin, to the project I never could end, to the residence that took me almost all my days on EMC, to everything that I found amazing but that's just cotidianity nowadays.

    I'm leaving looking for a better place for me to play minecraft, to enjoy free time, a place where I can bee with friends and see the people I want to see and not just random gamers who might be a bit rude with me.

    What I will do with my money/residence/goods:
    I'm still looking for ways to administrate that, I think that I will give most of my enchanted tools/diamonds/iron and goods to someone that will divide them between good players that need them. I will NOT sell them or give them away randomly, it would be a total waste.
    I will split all my rupees between someone that touched my heart/mind many times and that seems like a legit guy and with the SMP7 colony guys (aka: zulu9) I don't care if they waste them with a diamond party or throwing gold into a lava chamber, I will just give it away this way.
    I will let open flags into my residence to see how a community can destroy a huge building with soo much work in such little time, that will be done in a random time between today and friday.
    I will give my diamonds (just 6 stacks or so) to jaari, I hope he can help great people at the SMP7 outpost that way, and all my goods will be left for the people to get in my residence.

    What I will do now:
    I'm going to create a server, with some people I decide not to name here, they are all DT members and we decided to finally make use of the great host powerdan provides to us. After a month we may buy our own host and i will be paying 10$ monthly for it, if you are interested please contact me on skype, it's illegal to promote servers here but I want you to know where I will be.

    The website will be given to secretazneks, I don't know what to do with if anyone is interested, please let me know. I will continue helping on the EMC wiki mainly because of the treatment I recieved by Jack who is a great person with a great project.
    I still have 3 residences left, 1 in utopia, 1 behind my actual residence and 1 that's being used by eclipsys, Ill talk with him about.
    I will join daily (or so) into any server just to keep those residences alive. If you are interested on those residences, please let me know (If you have any GREAT projects or such)

    The Delta Team is now leaded by eclipsys, the website will keep alive for a couple months and then it's up to ecli, I will still administrate it tho.

    Thanks to:
    Justin: Fixing all kinds of troubles I had, you have been very kind with me, I thank you for that
    Jeremy: I'm just going to say thanks, I had fun with you without even meeting you in-game
    Shaun: You have been the best, ever, thank you!
    ISmooch: I still remember what you told me about the shop contest, I think that is one of the things that will keep forever.
    d1223m: You were the reason why I made my residence.
    nmanley: Helping me with everything, your donations where crucial through all of this.}
    Anyone I didn't mention here but that think is worth of my more than special thanks.

    Good bye, EMC
    A dream never made true: Becoming a moderator of the EMC servers.
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  2. You'll be back. Just pay attention to what you see us do in the up coming future. ;)
  3. In the upcoming future I many have my own server, Ill be glad to check your updates and use the models EMC creates, it's just boring now and I'm leaving because of that. I don't live the future, I live the present.
    Thanks for your post tho...
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  4. nooooooooo copher! dont go!
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  5. You never know friend, he made some points that we may not agree with, but they are valid reasons to leave Emc.
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  6. In a future, Ill be one of your partners on the donut productions, I would now but my PC is not the best so I can't make any videos.
    Hope to see you around.
  7. Who needs donations?
  8. What I mean is, people are currently making 'leaving' posts because of the lack of new features. This was due to a few things. Justin's move across country and him preparing our server (super a head of time) to be as close to ready for the new multiplayer platform (bukkit is basically going away and something new is coming). Once everyhing is set in place, we have some game changers we have planned for the Minecraft world. :)
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  9. I'd appreciate some.
  10. Don't go!
    *My reaction*
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  11. I'm not saying goodbye just saying see you next time :)
    Also Good Luck in Life....
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  12. Bye copherfield, even if I had never seen yuou in game,you would still be the best delta team leader. Emc would miss you. Hopefully no one would destroy your work. Bye copher, hope to see you soon, on emc. :)
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  13. 10K would be nice. :) Also, bye! :(
  14. You are the legit guy, don't you get it?
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  15. Tnx for the 13k Goodluck n Good bye! :(;)
  16. Legit or not, free rupees is free rupees. Thanks for the 30K and good luck with whatever your doing! :)
  17. Thats never good. Dont ask him for money, he will give the money to people that deserve it. People who work hard to keep the community great, and help other members too. He would give to someone that no matter what would help another player in need. He would donate to another member that was awesome and amazing and was a great friend to both him and the community. Like Me

    I hope you the best and I wish that what you are trying to accomplish goes well, I might join you one day, when I just break.
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    If he's either giving them away or your asking him(WHICH is very rude IMO) you should not accept it! You guys are greedy. I think these rupees should go to a greater cause such as helping projects.
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  19. He checked my res ;) Then he gave some i never asked! :p I got a res on going at 7397 Check it Out!
  20. I just saw this so I guess my post goes to waste. But some would be nice so I could forfill my dream and help the community by having eclipsys building us a new laxclub building that isnt packed. Donate any amount Im not going to beg for the full 70k I need to get.
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