Good Bye EMC ~ Smileys Last words...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mrsmiley99, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. IM STAYING!! I have changed my mind!! I will stayon EMC hooray!
    I played a bit and remembered EMC's wonderful - awesomenesss So im staying sorry 4 misunderstandin... :(
  2. oh no, don't go, nobody wants you to go, EMC won't be the same without u here. every bodies leaving
  3. Cya mate. Wish good luck in everything.
  4. DONT Go!
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  5. i will be back :D
  6. can i have your rupees? i didnt see that in will :)
  7. What a nice way to say goodbye... /sarcasm
    Just be polite, it's pointless begging.

    Anyway, goodbye Smiley :)
  8. Goodbye! I hope I will be able to see you online again Mr:)
  9. Minecraft got boring? Nowai
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  10. DW i wil be back in 6 days 4 my 200th day :) throw a party :)
  11. Byebye mate :) Good luck.
  12. please dont go :(
  13. Bye friend ( although I don't really know you) Come back frequently!
  14. I will misses you the mostest smiley..... You were my first bidder on my first auction. Memories......
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  15. I will I think nxt Thursday is my 200th day!!! So I will be on!!
  16. Guys all those saying don't go , I will go on 4 a few minutes a day just to chat 2 all u guys but that's all, so kinda like calling everyday:)
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  17. Your the one guy that always stuck by me, for that I say thanks :)
  18. And i will stick bye u all along. But when i come back and i want to rebuild, could u lend me a hand> :) After all, i gave u tons of diamonds gold iron silk touch pickaxes... etc
    You have my priceless collection remember, they were all used bby me personally :)
  19. Sure thing!
  20. Awww...
    Good luck with stuff.