Good afternoon. Want to hear a story?

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  1. Hey everyone my name's Jack Kennedy / jackkennedy98. I was wondering what is the best way to make money. Thanks to mizzo12 and 72volt for letting me know about this server. Also if anyone would be able to teach me how to be a better builder. Thanks again :)
  2. This is not a story. I was expecting a story. Where's the story?
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  3. Mining is a good way to make money! Now, STORY PLOX.
  4. Open a shp NOW STORY
  5. Ok, the best way I earned rupees personally was going to the wild for about 5 hours and search until you find AT LEAST these things: 3 stacks of iron, Half stack of diamonds, 5 stacks of redstone ( Easy ) and 2 stacks of coal. Gold is only useful for making blocks.
  6. One word:
    Now, how about that story, eh?
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  7. Best story ever Secret....
  8. Eh, thanks?
  9. Idk, just random things.
  10. Once upon a time there was a young chap named Jack Kennedy. Jack was a sprightly lad with a can do attitude, however, Jack had a problem. He was flat out broke! Jack had a dream, he wanted to be rich, so rich he wouldn't know what to do with it all!


    the end.
  11. Whooo awesome story
  12. Wow. Give this man a round of applause. *claps*
    We need to put that in a book when 1.3 comes out :)
  13. I want STORY!! :(

    This is mine if you want: There once was a man who said he had a story to tell. When he didnt tell the story everyone said BOO! Because it is not a pvp place, all the citizens could do was yell: I WANT STORY!!! The end!

    Sound familiar? ehh?
  14. You want a story you will get a story!

    Part 1: The Sentence

    It wasn't fair. At least, it didn't seem fair to him. All he did was cause a city to explode. Nobody liked the city anyway, they were going to demolish it in a few months. He was practically doing the Council a favor.

    "Get out of your daydreams!" a rough voice yelled. "Time to go to court."

    The man rolled his eyes at the Guardian but got up from his bed and followed him without trouble. He really didn't feel like being "behaviorally corrected" again. The Guardian led him along a narrow corridor until they came upon a doorway, which was opened and led to an enormous room, with a domed ceiling so high you hurt your neck looking at it and a copper-colored floor so polished the reflections looked real. There was a tall desk with five men sitting behind it, which the Guardian lead the man to.

    The one sitting in the center fixed his glasses and peered at the person before him. "Nathan Tay, you are accused of causing the explosion that killed thousands and destroyed Welmont City. How do you plead?"

    Nathan sighed. "Guilty." he said. There was no way he would get out of his punishment, not with the hundreds of witnesses and video footage.

    The man nodded. "We thought so. We have already conversed about your punishment." he told Nathan. "Because of your crimes, you have been sentenced to 50 days in the vast wilderness to the east, in the uncharted lands of Mincruft. You will be given abilities that aid you but weaknesses that hinder you. If we find that you haven't changed, you will have to stay there."

    Nathan balked. No one who was sent to Mincruft ever came back. He started to protest, but he found he couldn't. His body was dissolving, being transported by the magic of the Council. His vision darkened until he couldn't see anything.

    The next thing he saw was a vast ocean, stretching endlessly. He was standing on a sandy shore with no shoes and very basic clothes. A strange black device like a watch was on his wrist, its face showing the number 50. He turned to see a thick forest with trees of every shape and size. The sun was just rising, and he had next to nothing.

    "Well," he grunted to no one. "Looks like I'll be stuck here awhile."

    Part 2: The First Day

    Nathan decided there was nothing to be had on the beach, so he plunged into the forest. The trees made a canopy that let little light to the ground. The air was cool and the grass was soft, but he didn't notice this. He was focused on finding things to help him get out of Mincruft and out of the reach of the Council.

    He spend quite a long time weaving through the trees. He believed that if he could find a tall mountain or something of that nature, he could figure out where to go. There had to be a town or village or any kind of settlement around there.

    He soon found a nearly vertical rock wall that shot up above the trees. There were enough foot- and handholds for him to get up, but he cut his arms and legs a few times by brushing up against sharp pieces that came out of the wall. By the time he was at the top, he was tired, scratched, and three hours into his punishment. He sat for a moment, closing his eyes and trying to recover his breath. After that, he stood up and surveyed the area.

    What he saw almost made him cry. He could see the sun clearly now, so he could find the directions. To the north, and east the forest stretched until the trees blended together into a sea of green. To the east there was the forest he came out of. He could just make out the beach he started out on, yellow white wedged between the green of the leaves and the blue of the ocean. The west showed a few more miles of the forest, then rolling hills with tall mountains barely visible in the distance. There was no sign of another human being anywhere.

    A snort behind him alerted him to the presence of another living creature. Nathan looked around and saw a pig staring at him, a blank expression on its face. The pig looked at him for a moment more before turning its head and wandering off a little bit.

    The pig's utter disregard to him angered Nathan greatly. He could make cities explode, that was something to be feared. Didn't this stupid animal sense what he is, what he's done? Obviously not, because the pig refused to give him any more notice, even when Nathan tore up a chunk of dirt and threw it at the animal. "Stupid pig!" he yelled. "I'm going to have you for lunch!" With that, he launched himself at the creature, only to have it sidestep him and cause him to fall off the edge of the chunk of high land he was on.

    Nathan didn't have time to scream in fright, because he hit a bit of steep ground a few feet underneath the edge and ended up rolling down to the western part of the forest. The tree he hit hurt his back and rattled his teeth, but he wasn't seriously injured. Gripping the tree trunk to help himself up, he looked at the cliff and saw the pig looking over it, the same blank expression on its face. It took every ounce of Nathan's willpower not to climb right back up and beat the pig to death.

    He stood for a while in the same spot, trying to remember every geography lesson he had barely paid attention to in school. He remembered to the east there was just the ocean, along with a few uninhabited islands that were much to far to swim to. To the west was his own county of Albard, which he certainly didn't want to go to. There was a very old colony to the north. It was very secluded and the weather was terrible, so it was almost impossible to find. It seemed like going south and trying to reach the nation of Relg by catching a ride on one of the various ships that sometimes came to Mincruft's coast to gather resources was his only hope.

    He turned to the south, brushed the dirt from his clothes, and set off.

    Nathan walked nearly nonstop for hours, resting only for a few moments to remove a stone from his foot or to get s drink from a shallow pool of water, and was still trapped in the maze of trees. Unknown to him, he had changed directions a few times. Without the sun to guide him, he had actually gone backwards for about an hour while traveling. He had only gotten about fifteen miles south in the space of about four and a half hours.

    The sun was starting to set, and the little light that was given by the sun through the leaves was rapidly disappearing. Soon it was almost pitch-black. Weariness began to set in, and Nathan tripped constantly. He was just getting up from such a fall when he heard a moan.

    Nathan stopped halfway through pushing himself up. The forest had been very quiet as he had walked through it. There was a strange lack of birds. The only sounds he heard were the moos of a small herd of cows he passed, the clucking of an unseen chicken, and a bleat of a sheep that watched him from across one of the ponds he drank from. It was strange hearing a noise.

    He shook his head. He was probably imagining it, longing for a sound that wasn't farm-animal related. He was just starting on his smash-into-a-tree-while-tripping session again when he heard a growl. The sound was too real for his brain to make up. The moan came again and something brushed his back. His scream would have broken the glass of an entire house.

    He wheeled around, lashing out with his fists. He connected with something stiff and cold. The creature groaned and attacked back. A hand clamped around Nathan's wrist. The now-frantic man beat it off and ran. He went two feet and smacked into a tree, which he proceeded to climb hastily. He clung to one of the higher branches, all of his tiredness gone in an instant. He could hear the creature moaning and growling at the ground, and was soon joined by another. they nudged the tree and hopped up and down. Nathan just held on to the sturdy branch and shook.
  15. Part 3: The First Tools

    The creatures continued to shake the tree all night. The adrenaline of the first encounter began to wear off and Nathan's eyelids began to droop. He was half asleep when the sun began to rise. To keep himself awake, Nathan studied the creatures.

    They were green-skinned, bald, had no eyes, and their arms were stuck stiffly out in front of them. The moaned and groaned, their faces pointed upwards at Nathan, the hopped in an effort to get him, but they didn't get very far. A shaft of weak sunlight pierced through the canopy to touch the creatures, which promptly burst into flames.

    Nathan almost fell out of the tree in surprise. He looked around, panicking, but there was no easy way to get out of the tree. He was sure he would burn as the tree did.

    But the tree did not catch the creature's fire. Nothing was effected by the strange fire except for the creatures themselves, who gave out squeals and groans of pain as they burned. They suddenly stopped moving, laid down, and disappeared in a puff of smoke in front of Nathan's eyes.

    He stayed in the tree for a while longer before cautiously climbing down and inspecting where the creatures had been. There, he found only three feathers, nothing else. Nathan picked them up and studied them, but found nothing odd about them. Shaking his head, he placed them in his pocked and started on his journey to the south. As he walked, he decided that he needed some weapons.

    He attempted to make a crude slingshot with a forked stick and some wet grass, but it broke. Anything made out of wood was too flimsy and broke on contact of anything. He had just finished picking out the splinters that a wooden dagger had left in his had when he came across what looked to be an abandoned quarry. It wasn't very deep, maybe ten feet down and ten feet across. Deciding to investigate, he found his way down by using some old ladders. The air was cold, even though he was only a few feet from the surface. Small pebbles littered the ground, which made his tip-toe around. He didn't need something stuck in his foot.

    after a few moments of searching, Nathan found a chest tucked into a corner. Opening it, he found two pieces of coal, a few stones, and a badly battered pickaxe made of wood. He picked up the coal, the stones, and the pickaxe, wondering why they were left in this chest.

    There was a sudden, ominous wooshing sound behind him. Nathan spun around but saw nothing. The air seemed to grow colder still. Nathan decided he needed to get out of there, quickly. He walked quickly to the ladders, ignoring the pebbles that bit into his foot, and climbed back up to safety. Not content with being on the surface, Nathan broke into a run and went the way he had been going before he had encountered the pit. He didn't stop until he accidentally slipped, spilling the items from the chest and landing heavily on the ground.

    Nathan shook his head and sat up, scolding himself at being frightened by a noise. He gathered his items around him and decided what to do with them. He moved the stones around in his hand and suddenly realized he could make a weapon out of them. After gathering a few branches, he went to work.

    However, nothing worked. The stones were too round, too heavy, too small. None of them would work as a weapon. Frustrated, he picked up the pickaxe and struck the stone, which broke. A light bulb went off in Nathan's head, and he began work again, this time using the pickaxe to shape a rock into a mostly flat, kind-of sharp blade, which he wedged into a stick. The pickaxe, before worn and battered, was broken, but he now had protection. He lifted his sword and swung it around, cutting the low-hanging branches and the grass. He smiled.

    After managing to sharpen the blade a little with a smaller rock, Nathan realized that a pickaxe would be a very valuable tool to have. He set his sword into the ground and once again began working. The pickaxe proved to be much more difficult than the sword, since the blade had to be a certain shape and size or else it wouldn't work. He worked for hours, failing many times, until he had made probably the ugliest, most basic pickaxe ever. That didn't matter to Nathan, the only thing he cared about was that it worked. In fact, he was so pleased with his brilliance that he didn't notice the sun dipping in the horizon, nor the sounds of creatures of the night awakening in the forest around him.

    A loud moaning behind him snapped him back into reality. Nathan spun around, sword at the ready. "I've got protection now!" he yelled at the darkness. "You don't scare me!"

    Nathan watched from where the moaning came from, waiting for a zombie. Suddenly, he heard another noise, like old floorboards in a house creaking, coming from his side. He tilted his head slightly and was greeted by the sight of a skeleton, moving and holding a bow despite having no muscles or ligaments, coming right toward him.

    "What the-?" he began when the skeleton spotted him. Quick as lightning it produced an arrow out of a poorly-made quiver attached to its hip, attached it to its bow, and shot at Nathan, barely missing him. He didn't need another encouragement. He picked up his pickaxe and ran.

    Nathan swerved through the forest, though it was becoming ever harder with the dimming light. He took a moment to look behind him and slammed into a tree. The skeleton, who had somehow kept up with the panicked man, lodged an arrow in Nathan's shoulder. He cried out in pain but turned to face the haunted bones anyway, brandishing his sword.

    The skeleton moved forward but did not shoot, instead it made a chattering noise that seemed to come from its mouth. Soon two more skeletons appeared and continued pressuring Nathan back until he heard the sound of rushing water. He risked a look back and say that the skeletons were forcing him towards a wide, fast moving river that could easily hide many sharp rocks. Deciding he would rather die by arrow than by drowning, he charged at the skeletons.

    Surprised, the skeletons didn't move until Nathan had already destroyed the right one. Snapped out of their stupor by the death of their comrade, they took up their arrows and launched them at Nathan. To him, time slowed as he dodged the projectiles and drove his sword into the left skeleton's skull, causing it to fall apart.

    The center skeleton was a bit wiser than the others and had the thought to keep out of the rage of Nathan's stone weapon. Before he had a chance to attack it, the skeleton sent an arrow right into Nathan's right leg, causing him to slip and fall into the river.

    Nathan cried out as he hit the freezing water, a sound quickly cut off when he bobbed under. He attempted to pull out his pickaxe, not wanting to damage the sword he still had clutched in his hand, and wedge it into the bank but it caught fast on some rocks. He attempted to grip its handle but realized it was too slippery to hold onto as the water pulled him downstream. He managed to get it free before the water forced him along its path.

    After that, he was at nature's mercy, the water throwing him against rocks and pushing him under the surface. He flailed about, trying to get a grip on something, but he was moving too fast. The water carried him nearly half a mile before he had the luck of being shot down a calmer branch of the river that came to rest in a shallow pool. It was all Nathan could do to drag himself out of the water and onto the soft sand of the edges. To a passerby, he might have looked like a sopping wet, extremely beat-down creature clutching stone tools in each hand.

    Once on dry land he flung his tools ahead of him, collapsed, and fell asleep right on the beach, just as dawn broke into the sky.

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