Gollark8's Mushroom Supply Co.

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    Have you ever wanted some blocks off a huge mushroom to build with?
    If yes,then here's your first stop for buying one!

    Full red mushroom:100r
    Full brown mushroom:105r
    Single Block:5r

    Your order should be completed within 1 week of placing.
  2. Prices are a bit high
  3. This is quite expensive :confused:
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  4. Prices reduced.
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  5. Still very expensive.
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  6. These are HUGE mushroom blocks.I need bonemeal and mycelium and mushrooms to grow them.
  7. However they are quite easy to get; if you find a mushroom island you can grow them with ease :confused:
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  8. But what about the rarity of them?I can do orders within a week,unlike a mushroom island explorer.
  9. they arent rare at all. you can make them easily. just a silk touch is the only "expensive" part
  10. What rarity lol, mushrooms are super cheap buy some and grow.. Mycel is also pretty cheap. Same with bonemeal. We are basically hiring you to grow a mushroom and cut it. Kinda steep to me :\
  11. Mycel is cheap?It costs me 64r for 16.
  12. But you only need one piece to grow as many as you want lol
  13. It takes me about 9 for reds and 16 for browns
    And prices reduced.
  14. Mycel has a spread affect though, much like grass. If there's a dirt/grass block next to it it'll spread to that block and make it mycel. You can just use 1 piece of mycel and plant mushrooms on what it spreads to. It's cheap lol.

    /Gonna stop talking
  15. Ill buy a Red mushroom............
  16. Its a little thing I like to call "Live Map"
  17. That will be sorted tomorrow.