Gollark8's Gift Card System

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  1. One day I was bored and decided to make a gift card system for my shop.

    To buy gift cards to sell,contact me.
    To set up a gift card chest shop,put this on a chest shop sign.
    (Your username)
    B(gift card value)
    387-(gift card value)r Gift Card

    To set up a system swapping gift cards for items,put a hopper under a chest.The chest should have this sell sign on it:
    (Your username)
    387-(item value)r Gift Card

    Then put a comparator next to the chest,with a repeater linked to the comparator output.Then link the repeater to the a wire linked to a dropper or anything else that redstone can control.

    I can make special gift cards for your shop only
    I can make any gift cards for any amount of rupees that you want
    If someone makes their own gift card,nobody will lose money(it's sold to you for free and you can resell it)
    Cheap to set up and cheap to keep running

    Shops using this:
    2630 Mall
    2303 Shops (mine)
  2. You have to pay for many book and quills, and as such you can't really make gift cards less than 50r because then people will just buy the gift card and use the book for their villager or whatever. Also there's really no way that you can automate rupee payout with redstone, so you'd have to give out items for them :\ you could just do..

    :S [Gift card value]
    [SLOT 1] - [Gift card value]r gift card

    and keep a copy of the gift card in slot 1. Other than that this isn't a bad idea.
  3. Actually,gift card r payout is easy-just set up a chest with :S(amount).Also,did you look at this?
  4. Why not? Because if an item is in Slot 1 and you put that on a sign then only that specific book will be able to be sold. Yeah I did and I was saying what stops me from buying a 20r gift card and just keeping the book for myself/trading it to a villager? I don't really HAVE to sell it to you for free/20r ^_^
  5. I know that,but how easy is it to replace a sign?And I'm thinking about changing my hotel room service to be paid for this way.
  6. And I'm thinking about making the minimum card price 30r.
  7. your shops not working
  8. What do you mean?
  9. I cant buy the ticket
  10. I'll change it to a slot-based system then
  11. still not working. im not sure if you can buy/sell written books
  12. You can.I just didn't change it to slot yet
  13. Oh wait-I did.It seems that I forgot to add a book to slot 1.
  14. Bump.Issue with buying them fixed.
  15. another problem, I cant sell it
  16. To what?Are you trying to sell the cart cards to the random items system?
  17. to the sign that says gift card on it
  18. That is not something that I can easily fix