Golems spawn in town now?

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  1. Some rumors have been running through smp5, and they say that golem spawning in town has been re-enabled. Is this true? Or is it just a glitch? If it has been re enabled, should it be disabled due to no risk at all and pure gain (iron harvesting)? Just curious at what everyone knows/thinks:)
  2. What's the difference? Wild? Town,Same thing.
  3. In town no one needs to worry about mob issues. It just encourages town dwellers to stay in town.
  4. Hmm, I have not heard this but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Iron golems aren't "supposed" to spawn in town, but if I remember right - They won't despawn either. So anyone that made an iron golem before they were disabled, the golem is more than likely still wandering around (unless it is killed)
  5. There's a big difference. In the wild there's risk of death and griefing. In town, it's 100% safe. It's probably a glitch though, smp5's been having alot of them lately :(
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  6. Im pretty sure they were all killed on smp5 haha. And people are saying that you cant make them via blocks, but only through the big farms.
  7. Mobs: Diamond armour and sword,Torches o:
    Griefing: Inevitable but maybe under ground and stuff :p
  8. Town: All the above is unnecessary. Any N00b can do it. Like jkjk said:
  9. That was the way some people originally got them... Not very cost efficient though :p
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  10. Exactly! And "silverbu11" is planning on making an iron golem farm in town:/ I feel like it will ruin my home servers already lo economy if he ends up selling it super cheaply:(
  11. If that's what he wants to do... Iron really isn't that expensive already. At this point, it can't be considered a "game exploit" IcC may or may not be aware of this. Shoot him a PM and go from there
  12. Smp5 is the Bermuda Triangle of the Empire
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  13. I think its ok for it to be done in the wild, but in town will just make things ridiculously easy to get-_- Also, majorly off topic, but does anyone know how to make a "Directioner" understand real life? Im having serious issues with one-_-
  14. lol, wow... What age are we looking at right here... Like high school age?
  15. 17 or 18... Yes i know, its terrible!
  16. coming from someone just a bit older than that. (barely) We generally think we have a scope on life, the world, and everything. We immediately disregard any thoughts but our own. Whether we be right or not.

    So lay down the law, bear down through because it will be worth it in the long run.

    I don't know if this makes sense, but I tried to put a lot of thought into it :)
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  17. How about you try doing this iron farm in your res then tell me if it works?
  18. In smp7 too, and no matter in wich res it appears u still can kill it but he cant do any damage :p