Golden Sword Smite III

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  1. How much should I sell a golden sword with Smite III enchantment on it?
  2. It would be worth like nothing. Only because gold break very easly so...
  3. But it's very good against undead mobs (zombies, skeletons). Probably 60r I'd say but I need a professional opinion.
  4. i would say 100 at the most, cause you probably only used like 5 or 6 lvls on it, and as bob said, gold has the same use count as wood tools
  5. Yeah, okay. I got it off a pigman.
  6. Actually they have 50% durability of wooden ones. So they break twice as fast as wooden ones.
  7. Wow, gold is rubbish! Well it's for decorative purposes ;)
  8. Are you sure? I used a mod that allows you to see how many uses you have left, and they had the same number of uses
  9. Well you should use gold for the things that are useful not the things that were never meant to be made out of gold. Like powered rails for example.
  10. Yes I am sure. I looked it up on :D
  11. Well the sword has more uses than the hoe, but then again minecraftwiki says you can't craft a saddle, so I am skeptical.
  12. You can't craft one...
  13. I've done it before, and people on YouTube have done it before, are you sure? Maybe in an update since 1.0 they removed it?
  14. Not that much buddy