golden apple in dungen

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  1. if any of you are familiar with a guy named antvenom on you tube he did a very large series trying to find a golden apple in a chest at a spawner / a mine and today i found 1 on emc

    this is 100% legit not that a can prove it but i got 2 screen shots

    also wondering how many of you guys have found a golden apple on a dungeon in emc

    golden apple.png spawner.png
  2. I did when I was a noob 400 days ago. I just took everything a broke the spawner!
  3. well i found a couple in sp but may have heard someone found one :)
  4. I found one when they were first introduced and spawned in dungeons, and there was only one golden apple, a looonggg time ago. Something like a year ago?
  5. I think my count is 4 apples from spawner's, I find them surprisingly common..
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  6. My count on SP is about 10 apples from spawners (i've gone through many worlds in a long time), and probably about 50 crafted from Release Candidate and onward.
  7. Like this post if you wish golden apples were real...
  8. Nope, because you're asking for likes. You earn them. This isn't Facebook.
  9. This also isn't Youtube, (Agreeing with you) no thumb up farming.
  10. It used to be a hobby of mine to make golden apples, I quit it out of rage following their original downgrade.
  11. Eh, okay :/ I don't care for likes.
    Anyways, I collected 2 golden apples in dungeons. Mining is by far my favorite part of mc :)