Golden apple Auction.

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  1. Come bid on my one and only golden apple.
    start price is 400r.
    if anyone thinks that is low please tell me.
  2. Im afraid to say golden apples just got very cheap...
  3. yes. blame the update.
  4. what do u think its worth.
  5. In smp2. Golden apples cost 25r-50r Now here Lol
  6. ya i didnt know they cost so little now.
    well i will change the price to 30r starting.
  7. To give you a reason why - the update makes it so every leaves block you destroy has a 1/200 chance to drop an apple. Also, the golden apples no longer heal as many hearts and only give you regeneration for 4 seconds now. This just went live today so the market is about to be flooded (comparatively) with golden apples.

    Hope this helps.
  8. And then everyone will realize nobody will buy it and drop it off the market.

    Thus the legend of the golden apple is lost forever.
  9. I sold 4 for 16r each today on smp4