Gold Voucher-please sell me one

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  1. I'm looking for someone who will sell me a Gold Voucher the maximum price is 210k.
    Currently (October 4th 2015) I have 150k so if you would like to sell me one around that price; that is great!
  2. But, I will pay 209.9k-when I get enough rupees
  3. The lowest a gold voucher will go for is 220k
  4. I have one for sale for 250k but I'd be willing to go down to about 220k perhaps. I know this is not currently in your parameters but feel free to contact me if you're interested in it. :)
  5. Yes it is i sell them cheap where have you seen them 210k at?
  6. Yeah sure; thank you, I may be able to pay that next week
  7. PM me if you're interested, but remember that it's still on sale, so could potentially go to somebody else within that time :)
  8. Zabuza9 did.
  9. Key word did :p
  10. hmmm could you reserve it? Thanks if you can :) and how many do you have in stock?
  11. I only have one available, I could reserve it but only if it was going to be a day or so as other people are interested too :)
  12. I sell at 190-210
  13. Erects?
    Could you reserve it for me? Ty if you can # I have got 150k maybe next week I'll have 190k Ty bye
  14. Next time I have some in-stock, sure.
  15. Sorry for spelling your name wrong; It changed it.
  16. And it could be sooner than a week maybe a day-you never know! :)