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  1. Just got gold and was wondering what server I should join, and why I should join it! (I'm already in smp8) Oh, and as an added bonus for you guys whoever's comment gets the most likes will get 250 rupees :)

    EDIT: Ill give away the rupees whenever I wake up tomorrow :):)

    EDIT: Id still like the recommendations but the winner is Alex_Chance & DeadSkaia!:eek:
  2. SMP2, cos we're awesome (we have the best economy and so many great stores).
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  3. You agreed with me, like mah post!
  4. Utopia:)
    For mob grinding and awesome residence space:)
  5. I was actually thinking about smp2:)
    & Terr your supposed to tell me why :p

    But really SMP2 has some of the coolest people and deffiinitely the best economy
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  7. Agreed.
  8. Smp1 Is really kewl :D YOu should look around :D There are great people and magnificent people :) My res is 1161 if you decide to go here :D I would be glad to show you around and all that jazz :)

    EDIT: Not "Great People and Magnificent people" i meant to say " There are only great people and then there's magnificent people"
  9. You troll you! That's not what I said! (But that's what I was thinking!)

    So Alex, umm can you read minds? Post what I'm thinking Oh Great Telepathic Once
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  10. Smp5 is a great place!!!Everyone is very friendly and will help you with whatever you need.:D
  11. You wish you were as epic as me! ;)
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  12. I'm probably getting diamond tonight. So i'll join smp2 with you if you are.
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  13. Sounds good ^_^
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  14. :p i hope i get tonight... i think my mom forgot...

    oh noes...
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  15. smp7...
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  16. SMP1 is where many awesome people live, including JustinGuy, NurseKilljoy, Herobrine, and:
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  17. herbrin3 you mean?
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  18. And the real Herobrine.
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