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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I'm a little concerned if I upgrade to Gold Supporter from a Free player now, will I get a second residence? I've been hearing that Aikar is having Minecraft EULA issues and things are changing for supporters. I've heard if you upgrade to Gold, you'll get 2 residences permanently and for diamond.... same story but they can claim up to 4. Can someone explain what'll happen if I upgrade to Gold now from a Free player?

  2. All EULA changes are currently paused due to the Microsoft buyout, see the Empire News post.

    So yes you will receive the Residence upgrade for buying gold, or +3 for Diamond.
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  3. I was diamond. Will my max res go back up to four?
  4. no.. you have to buy diamond again to get those perks. you could have kept all 4 of those res' if you didn't unclaim them.. so if you're still an owner of all 4 of those res' then you're fine, just don't unclaim them or you wont be able to claim them back again.