Gold sold out on every server every mall!

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by MrsWishes, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. Someone has bought up all the gold on every server at every mall. If anyone knows any shop that is stocked, please let me know by pm. Thanks!
  2. mmm, interesting. Are you sure 2000 on smp1 still has stock and /v +bulk on smp8 also has stock.

    edit: unless you mean gold at a reasonable price is out of stock
  3. Wait wat?
  4. How can anyone bye all the gold from every server. Well if they did you can just bye some at the EMC mall
  5. Apparently there is an error with the shop system. Shop boxes with preview signs showing the box is full, and the shop sign is set up correctly, are not able to sell items.
  6. now that's the sign of the desperate
  7. No.. /shop is overpriced, do not ever buy there. You will waste a lot of money. /shop is for those who have a million rupees to buy a stack of cobble. No but really - it's just to keep the market cap so that items don't fluctuate a ton in price. It's not really intended to be a shop.
  8. For Example, a Beacon, worth 15-20k from what ive seen, is around 175k at /shop
    A stack of Charcoal is 10k at shop

    Yeah its that overpriced