gold membership questions

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by spartacus1999, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. hey if i pay for a month of gold membership and claim a second res and i stop paying after that month
    will i still have my second res or do i have to keep paying in order to keep it?
  2. Keep paying in order to keep it
  3. you will still have it. At the moment, they do not reclaim ex-supporter's lots, but Justin plans on implementing something that will eventually.
  4. Well eventually you Will lose it
  5. Nope. You will only loose it if Justin makes something that reclaims them. Until then, you've got that residence for good.
  6. hey another question if i unclaim the res i started with when i joined and kept the one i claimed when i became a gold member will it be lost when justinguy creates the thing that reclaimes ex members res even though i had only 1
  7. Hard to say, it would depend on how the system works, but if its on utopia i would guess a yes. Tho I still have 2 from my supporter days :)
  8. I presume they'll start asking ex-supporters to give up Utopia residences when Utopia town gets full. Apart from that, I think you're morally expected to unclaim residences when you downgrade, although there's no official system in place, as they're taking up room that new players could be using.
  9. I sure hope not. That would be a problem.
  10. It is likely when a system is implemented we will always take the players preference into account. What I mean by this that we will contact you regarding which lot/lots your would prefer to keep, and would only claim one of our choice if you failed to respond after a fair amount of time. :)