[Gold Mall] Looking For Suppliers

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  1. I Am Starting A Mall Called Gold Mall On Smp5. I Need Suppliers To Supply These Things:
    • Diamonds
    • Emeralds
    • Gold
    • Iron
    • Obsidian
    • Sand
    • Red Sand
    • Stained Clay
    • Glass
    • Stained Glass
    • Clay
    • Bricks
    • Soul Sand
    • Netherrack
    • Nether Brick
    • Quartz
    • Dyes
    • Beacons
    • Spawn Eggs
    • Mob Drops
    If You Can Supply Any Of These Things Post What You Can Supply And What It Costs, Or You Can PM Me.
  2. How much will you pay for gold, iron and diamonds?
  3. Whats your offer for nether rack?

    I can also get Nether Brick.

    and MAYBE ( no Promises ) Stained Clay
  4. Gold = 10-12r per ingot
    Iron = 3-6r per ingot
    Diamond = 50-60r each

    Netherrack = 1r per block
    Nether Brick = 4-8r per block
    Stained Clay = 4-6r per block

    Note: prices are per each item but I will buy large quantities of it.
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  5. I have a near DC of red stained clay, how much would you pay per?
  6. I can do spawn eggs, depends on what kinda eggs but I can get you it for the right price
  7. Boozle - I will pay you 17.5k for the dc of red clay

    Chizmaro - what eggs do you have?
  8. how much obsidian would you be needing and how much per stack would you pay?
  9. I can probably do emeralds, but it depends... how much would you pay each?
  10. I can get you any kind, like I said for the right price.
    Right now I have lots of horses, but I can get any mob but nether hound.
  11. chizmaro can you get bulk amounts of pigs?
  12. ruari342 - dc of obsidian, 450 per stack
  13. Chizmaro - I need 16 of all animals and villager
  14. I have 2 Dc's of hardened clay I can sell to you.
  15. I can sell you Beacons, Hardened Clay, and Iron. Pm me if you're interested and we can work stuff out :)
  16. I do it. But it'll take awhile to get started.

    16 what? DCs? Stacks? 16 eggs?
  17. how much will you pay per DC of hardened clay?
  18. I can do gold, how much chu need boi
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  19. Bemvino - Emeralds I will buy 20-34r
    Elysphic - how much it cost?
    MrUnknownian - I need about 3 beacons, hardened clay.. about 2 dcs, and as much iron you can get.
    Chizmaro - 16 eggs of each type
    xothis_dwarf - currently I am loaded with hardened clay offers, but I might be able to buy a dc.
    Jcplugs - Good, I Need Tons Of Gold, My Mall Is Built Mostly Of It. As Much As You Can Get Would Be Helpful, Whats Your Price?

    Sorry About the big list but my quote doesn't work.
  20. I could get a DC of blocks if needed >.>
    11r per ingot