Gold Farm Build - SMP8 Public Wild Utilities

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  1. Here we go folks. You all asked for it. Here's the start of it :)
    This thread is for discussing the design and building of the SMP8 Public Gold Farm. If you want to participate in this build, I've created a sign up form in google docs to make my life easier with communications. Please, sign up so I know what convos to include you on!

    Short URL =

    Goal #1:
    Find a good location that meets the requirements. No active nether portals within 1024 overworld blocks (128 nether blocks). Last thing I want us to do is break someone's base. No other spawns/mobs/animals within 96 blocks of pigmen farm. Over ocean is ideal because then we have less digging/slabbing/flooding to do, but not a strict requirement. I'm hoping we can find an area near the Grinders or Sushi Drop. I need some folks to go do scouting :D

    Goal #2:
    Choose a gold farm design. This will be an active xp kill type farm. I want to choose a build that we know already works on EMC (since EMC has some odd little spawn rules of its own). I have two in mind. One I have built already and I know it works. The other I've heard about it (and it is on EMC). Suggestions and pics or youtube links folks?

    Once those first 2 goals are met, we'll get into more goals and tasks for the build. Thank you all! :D
  2. Step #1 - Go up top and make pigmen mad on each side from center of walkway.

    Step #2: Kill pigmen!
  3. corrupted, Walrus and I went scouting. We did find one portal in the way at an optimal location. corrupted is going to ask the owner if that portal is still in use or not. So now, we wait and see on the location :) Thanks all!
  4. After consulting with a few people and going to see this build on EMC, I am thinking of this one (album of screenshots I did in single player world). Gold Farm

    It works great and multiple people can use it at once. It also is a fabulous grinder in addition to a gold farm.
    • Dimensions: 45 long x 31 wide x 23 height
    • 56 max size portals (23x23 outside, 21x21 inside)

    Materials for the main build (does not include materials for amenities/utilities like chests, enchant room , etc)-
    • 74 stacks of obsidian. We have 51 stacks currently in the donation chest so we're more than halfway there. Thank you all for the obsidian donations!!!
    • 90 iron fences
    • 90 any other fence type
    • 5 stacks of glass
    • 4 stacks of packed ice (if I did the math right) - I have this laying around and can donate it to this project.
    • A bunch of building blocks (stone is great for a lot of it, and we have a bunch of stone donations from Qkazoo and Kendrick).
    • 18 signs for water
    • Stack of sea lanterns or glowstone for lighting
    • Torches so we can build and not fight mobs while portals are unlit
    • Some flint & steel for lighting portals
    Let me know what you all think, thanks! :)
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  5. Submitted mine
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  6. Submitted.

    Although, I have school so I might not beable to help as much as possible.
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  7. Submitted my response :) I'm available all weekend but not very often during the week.
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  8. Update: Now we have 56 stacks of obsidian plus even more stone. Thank you all so much for being so generous!

    Sure crazy_x, just do me a huge favor and use the google doc sign up ( so I can keep track of folks and what they'd like to do easily :)
  9. Don't forget my 15 DCs of lava :)
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  10. Where do I drop the obsidian? I've got my 10 stacks.
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  11. omg thank you!!! There is a donation chest at /v khixan. I've been mining obsidian most of this morning with Shy's lava. Only like 4 stacks to go and we got it all. Woot woot! :D :D Thank you!
  12. Subbmined response This is the perfect job for me i know pixel art i can dig tunnels and setup encanting tables! I got 10 obsidian its not a lot but it will help when are we starting? and can i put in a enchanting table?
  13. And I can supply Wool for the pixel art too i got Loads For Days!
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  14. i donnated 5 stacks of glass to the farm
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  15. Communications have gone out to the Build Team and the Runners. The first two goals have been met. We have a location and a build/design chosen. Thank you all so much! I'll be logging on shortly.

    ShyguyTheGamer1 - I can't add you to the conversation for the Runners :/ Do you have your profile locked up somehow?

    Thank you all very much!

    Donators -
    We still need a few things please as of last night (I'm about to log in now) and thank you. Donation chest is at /v khixan. Thank you!
    • 90 iron fences
    • 90 any other fence type
    • Wood (for chests and misc)
    • 18 signs for water
    • Stack of sea lanterns or glowstone for lighting
    • Torches - lots of torches.
    • Some flint & steel for lighting portals
    • An anvil for the Build Team so we can repair tools (obsidian is hard on picks if a mistake needs to be corrected).
    Thank you all again :)
  16. Yeah I do, I will open it up, and my profile
  17. I've got tons of iron and wood and sea lanterns. Lemme know what there is left to bring out.
  18. Runners and I are hauling stuff out now. I donated 4 stacks of wood and 2 or 3 stacks of torches. We'll tear through the torches. We always do. We do not have iron fence or sea lanterns yet. Thanks Chum! :D
  19. When I log on next I can supply signs, torches, anvil and the fire starters. ^_^ see you soon
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