Gold armour! Free!

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  1. I have some used gold armour with the following enchants
    x1 chestplate Blast protection IV
    x1 leggings Fire Protection III
    x1 boots Protection II Feather Falling IV
    ( Their all half used )
    And i would like too give it away!

    Just pick ONE of the following numbers:
    1. zSlumdog
    2. DogsRNice
    3. Mrlegitislegit
    4. sqiggleyjeff
    5. floflo120
    6. Tarso_Leirias
    7. Nole972
    8. Pab10S
    9. Pateraterick
    10. alex_jacob
    11. HylianNinja
    12. pengw7n
    13. Terr
    14. Torian42
    15. pererfamily4l
    16. tehwafflez
    17. Pumpkyn
    18. foodenator
    19. Frodomann1
    20. DangerousPopcorn
    Xandrow just gave me a GREAT idea on having this, thank you Xandrow. :)
  2. I added 10 moar numbers :p
  3. 13 please :)
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  4. Terriday the 13th
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  5. I see what you did thar
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  6. Its Tarso_Leirias, actually:)
  7. 18 please.
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  8. You can has TWO numbers cause you said please.

    ( jk ) But you still get a like.
  9. No like for Terr?
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  10. Oh and by the way, Gobstone308 ( ma bro ) Is writing down numbers on slips of paper and putting them into a bag. I haven't showed him the names, I promise. Its going to be fair!
  11. Where do we pick it up if we win?
  12. 8 please
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  13. Me like my name, on there :)

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  14. You could use this:
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