Gold Apples Prices

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  1. Why are the prices of god gold apples increasing? I understand that they won't be craftable once the 1.9 update hits, but they were nerfed into oblivion. Gapples will be practically useless. The only thing I could see happening is a custom change where the gapples aren't nerfed so events like Mob Arena can keep going. Am I missing a custom change or am I just stupid?
  2. the absorption was highered I believe but the regen was nerfed.
  3. But the Regeneration V was the reason gapples were so useful. Gapples were used to heal from low health and to keep yourself invincible for a short duration of time. Unless you're playing UHC or hardcore PvP, the absorption is negate-able.
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  4. Profit. There you go.
  5. The absorption will still be helpful, especially in places like the MA. Also, people are expecting it to become rare in the future, and most likely will sell them for a pretty hefty price.
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  6. Part of the reason they are going up is people aren't selling them as much to hoard for 1.9.