Going to be gone for at least 2 weeks

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  1. Along with my brother Jamesg003 (summer camp). So if for some reason you want to kill me because i'm not replying to pms, this is why.
    And a question, if you are a supporter does your res get reset after 1 week? It would kinda suck for mine to be blown into antimatter by a machine.
  2. Pm either a mod or admin so that your res doesn't reset and tell that to James as well.
    Have fun with your summer camp, enjoy the break.
  3. Gangstas in summer camp? LOL
  4. If you're a supporter your res will not be reset, all the best. :)

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  6. If i were you id pm Icecreamcow saying you wont be on for more than 2 weeks in the summer.
  7. Eh i only replied to make that pic. Apparently in the empire guide under "derelict policy" it says supporters won't be reset even after a month.
  8. If a supporter supports through the whole thing than their res won't be reset.
  9. Back! Btw can someone give me a summary of what happened in the lt two weeks? Thanks!