Going rate for silk touch

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  1. Hey, im kinda new to trading enchantments for r.. wondering what a silk touch pick is worth these days.
  2. may i ask what server that is?
  3. I disagree... I have seen almost every silk touch auction and in-game shops selling it for around 12000r!
  4. Yeah, a little higher than Faith's but lower than Stad's estimate. I would say around 5k for plain silk touch and 6.5-9k for it with Efficiency/Unbreaking.

    The price lowers quite often however, with grinders becoming more and more popular. The 1.3 update will lower prices rapidly too.
  5. Well, im personally hoarding all enchanted items, im thinking possible wild reset + buy sell demand..
  6. You dont mean that a Silk Touch I Can go for more than 5k :eek:?
  7. easily it depends who you are selling it to..
  8. Yes i sold a silk touch for 6k and 1.3 will lower prices but people will be in high demand still
  9. There will be no reset, I'm 90% sure.

    Generally 5k-ish, but sometimes more or less.
  10. You gave me the best idea ever. :D
  11. hopefully there will be no reset and why don't people go into the unexplored parts far into the wild?
  12. Because people are lazy :/
  13. Price is about 6-7K on SMP8.
  14. i sell mine all the time for 7-12k
  15. I sold a silk touch 1, eff IV, Unbr 3 for 10k last week in auction that's prolly about right but my current auction is going alright I wish I getting more but owell you take a chance selling enchanted items in a auction