God's Gifts

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  1. He's given me my voice to sing,
    To praise His name on high
    He's given me my hands to raise,
    And lift up to the sky.

    To show Him that I love Him so,
    For all that He has done
    The gifts that He has given me,
    Since my life's begun.

    He's given me my eyes to see,
    To keep them on Him above
    He's given me my heart to feel,
    The wonders of His love.

    He's given me a will of my own,
    My mind to make a choice
    He's given me my ears to hear,
    The sound of His tender voice.

    He's given me my body,
    His temple to keep safe and sound
    He's given me my feet to stand,
    Firmly on the ground.

    Sometimes I take for granted,
    The gifts that God has given
    Especially the gift of knowing,
    That I have been forgiven.

    Copywrite Alisa Reafs 2015