God help me D:

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  1. So there I was peacefully writing away in my office when I had the most unusual visitor...

    Luckily for me he seemed to be in more of a sulking mood than an "exploding all the things!" mood. Unfortunately, I could not help him with his depression and so he left.

    But as soon as he did...

    Oddly enough the only thing it threw at me were snowballs...
  2. Moderator in disguise? :p
  3. BigDavie was investigating some lag, and I made a comment about how my res should be nuked from orbit for the amount of redstone circuitry in the walls... :rolleyes:
    I'm so glad the staff has a sense of humor. :D
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  4. This happened to me once.. I was checking out my sheep, lovely as can be...

    But all of a sudden, a chicken popped up! Now, it wasn't an ordinary chicken, oh no. It stared at me with it's cold dark eyes, and suddenly, when I looked away, looking for a weapon, poof! There was a villager! I ran, I ran... But then I saw the chicken again... He chased me into a group of chickens.. It was terrifying! I couldn't find him, and I ended up dying.. The end... D:
    (I didn't actually die, though.)

    (Oh god, book idea popped into my mind!)
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  5. Typical of Davie :p
  6. "Curse of the Were-Chicken!"
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