God Enchantment Shop - Residence 3888 - Smp2

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  1. I have recently opened up me and WeirdManaico's god enchantment shop on residence 3888 on smp2. It sells god pickaxes, shovels, axes, sword, bows and armour. We also sell all positive maxed out potions. The god armour has the enchants Protection IV and Unbreaking III, perfect for the the mob arena along with those potions. While your grabbing that armour, make sure to grab a sword as well, you'll need to do some mob killing too. :)

    If you want a specific enchanted item stocked, please post here and I will look into it.

    Hope you guys enjoy it,
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  2. Bump of life. :)
  3. Nice, I'll make sure to check it out and stock a bit for the mob arenas :p
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  4. Alright lots has been sold! Still tons in stock! Come grab yourself a nice sword for your wilderness trips and some armour for those epic mob arenas! :)
  5. How much would an entire set of enchanted level 5 leather/wooden items cost?
    (Full leather armore / wooden hoe, shovel, axe, pick, and sword)
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  6. This shop is great! To anyone who is looking for a good mob arena sword/armor, to a good mining pick, this is the place to look.
    PS: I like the Wither Skull hunting sword :p
  7. Still loads in stock! If you want to make a bulk order of a certain item( single chests and double chests) I will reduce the price greatly. :)
  8. Already spent a good quantity of money there q.q
    Really good shop if you want to win the Mob Arena, helped me a lot on Monday to win it :)
    Thanks ninja!
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  9. I'm trying to buy some of your shovels, and I get the message "The shop item is not recognised!" for all 3 types. Can you fix that or sell me some shovels directly? Thanks!