God Armor Outfitters has expanded.

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  1. Hello everyone Blunt's God Armor Outfitters on SMP5 has a new line of armor for sale! I call it DemiGod Armor. While God Armor is an awesome thing to have let's face it, not everyone in the Empire has 10's of thousands of rupees to drop on armor. So I have created a cheaper Iron based version of God Armor. With a greater variety of enchanted pieces and a price that is less than half of what you would typically pay for a set of diamond God Armor even newer players can outfit themselves with quality armor that will protect them on their adventures in the waste and wild!

    remember /v +armor on SMP5- When your life is more precious than the resources you strive for!
  2. I don't need more armor, but I love the DemiGod Armor/idea! =D
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  3. I will buy here
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  4. Just a quick update. When I first set up the God Armor chests silly me was trying to be all fancy and use the item specific codes for the sale signs without realizing they don't work! So yes the God Armor line has plenty of stock and a big shout out to Matt for helping me realize the err of my ways!