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  1. Goblin™ Suppliers

    Hi, I am looking for suppliers to help my upcoming mall give
    customers an always stocked shop. I would need 2 suppliers for
    each category below:

    Supplier I [Closed] [Open]
    Diamond Ore
    Block Of Diamond

    Supplier II [Open] [Open]
    Gold Ore
    Block of Gold

    Supplier III [Closed] [Closed]
    Iron Ore
    Block of Iron

    Supplier IV [Closed] [Closed]
    Coal Ore
    Block of Coal

    Supplier V [Closed] [Closed]
    Cooked Chicken
    Cooked Fish
    Cooked Porkchop
    Cooked Rabbit
    Cooked Mutton
    Rabbit Stew
    Raw Beef
    Raw Chicken
    Raw Fish
    Raw Porkchop
    Raw Rabbit
    Raw Mutton
    Rotten Flesh
    Cooked Porkchops
    Baked Potato

    Supplier VI [Closed] [Open]
    Beetroot Soup
    Melon Slice
    Mushroom Stew
    Poisonous Potato
    Pumpkin Pie
    Red Apple
    Rabbit Stew
    Rotten Flesh
    Spider Eye

    Supplier I: ShyguytheGamer1
    Supplier II: ShyguytheGamer1
    Supplier III: ShyguytheGamer1, Spazzy_Danger, RealTomsmasher, Jenna3491.
    Supplier IV: Evesthery,
    Supplier V: Batroach, Evesthery
    Supplier VI: PopTart_Flavored
    More: DanialBuchinger, RealTomsmasher

    I would prefer an SC per week or more for each item!!!
    Notes: Payments will be negotiated in private conversation or in-game.
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  2. Tahitan how much iron do you need
  3. I'll do the coal one if ya want!
  4. I will do Coal and Iron please :D
  5. As many as possible, I would prefer one SC per Week or so.
    Thank you, You may start when you want, just pm me or ask me in-game were to drop the items.
  6. Thank you, Coal is Gone!!!
  7. I'll be your supplier V I'll get you food for your mall
  8. do you get paid if you get these resources for you
  9. Thanks a lot.

    Yes you do, lukeskywalker456
  10. I already got lots of foods for you
  11. Thank you, I appreciate it.
  12. I can do dcs upon dcs of carrots and potatoes each week
  13. and melon slices and blocks
  14. That would be great just say which supplier job you want.
  15. Probs going for supplier VI
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  16. You may want to say the prices you're after :)
  17. I am doing this for free
  18. I can maybe stock on carrots. But how much are you paying?
  19. I guess I got to step in for diamond

    Diamond Please
  20. I will
    Nope your not, I still pay you.
    Start a private conversation with me if you are interesting to sell to me carrots/food.
    Thanks, get me in-game when you have a decent amount stacks per item.