Glowstone / Exp Bottle Supplier

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  1. CLOSED DUE TO 1.4
  2. Can I just order a stack of is that illegal?
  3. kk
    i sell them @ 2515 2nd floor
    should be couple stacks in stock :D
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  4. I can see people losing a lot of money with this. Sounds great and all but if people leave that chest on their residence, you might go back over and over and just attack that sell sign. ;) Then again, it's people's fault if they want to set it up and don't take it down when they feel they spent enough money. :D
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  5. I'll set up a double chest on my res for you to fill full of exp bottles.
    My res number is 19055 on smp9. The chest will be in the jungle tree area.
  6. s
    sweet about to supply u
  7. Can you do XP bottle 300r per stack? I will buy 27 stack (single chest) if you do
  8. soz 300r is too low
  9. 385 and got a deal
    but if someone is willing to pay more don't expect it too quick :D
  10. they could just remove the sign when i filled the chest or put dirt blocks if they only want me to sell a certain amount of stacks in the chest
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  11. These are awesome prices.
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  12. soo...
  13. Im thinking about it
  14. don't thinking?
  15. xD I will check my funds but 375?
  16. 380?
  17. so?
  18. Can I buy 10 stacks of xp bottles? I'll make a chest at my res @ 1937 smp1 behind my shop.