Glitchy Glitch

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by pyro_vampiress, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Just upgraded to 1.3.1! Yay! But my sugarcane keeps on disappearing... Here's how it happened: I was pulling raw sugarcane out of my shop on smp1 res 1801 to make into pages so that I can trade with a villager on smp 7. I pulled four stacks out, went to my crafting table, and immediately thought that I may have suffered amnesia because the stacks that I swore I put in there weren't there. I went back to my box, pulled out four more stacks, checked my inventory to make sure that they were there. I didn't see anything wrong, so I went back to my crafting table to bust out some pages... and either I dropped only four stacks of sugarcane on my way to my crafting table (again) and forgot that I did it, or I ran into a VERY unfavorable glitch...

    If it helps, I had to use a very vanilla version of minecraft because Magic Launcher isn't updated yet for 1.3.1, and it runs my only mod, Optifine.
  2. If I find anything else to add to that I will.

    Also..... Can I have my sugarcane back?