Glitching in SMP9 Wasteland is Killing Me

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by WayneKramer, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. So currently I was at the end of the live up at the north end of the SMP9 wasteland and it started giving me damage. Now I can't move, it keeps telling me I'm at the end, and it's taking my hearts away. I'm down to like 3 hearts.

    can someone help out here?
  2. I'm not entirely sure what is causing this issue however I would like to suggest that you explain this again here. :D
  3. it's okay, i ended up logging back in to see if i could finally move and the last my hearts glitched away and i died

    i was wayyyyy too far out to go back and get my stuff so oh well. just a warning to other players, if you are near the end of the map and you see that message... make sure you back up. if you keep going or if a creeper is near and they blow you further into it there is a good chance you will get stuck and your hearts will glitch out.
  4. i think he is just at the edge of the map wastelands has defined limits
  5. *was* at the edge of the map... now dead.
  6. Well, i learnt that the hard way awhile ago... It's not a 1.7 glitch
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  7. usually if you find yourself there accidentally you can log out and senior staff/admins may be able to help you out once you get ahold of one of em
  8. Sorry I wasn't available at the time to help you but I have now recovered your items and placed them in your vault.
  9. that was nice BigDavie :)
  10. oh wow, Big Davie that is huge! now i'm curious how you knew exactly where I was when that happened?!?!

    huge thanks to you Big Davie!!!
  11. We log death locations and what killed you. These logs are usually used in investigating PvPing but I have used them also to determine where a player was when they died due to a bug.