Glitched Gravel?

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  1. I dont know if this happens to me but the gravel glitched and turned into floating black blocks :confused:
    this is what i was talking about Green_Mystery

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  2. Different water comparison with Green_Mystery.

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  3. I notice the way your water flows is a bit awkward.
  4. Yeah this kind of stuff (the floating black blocks from falling sand/gravel/tnt) happens to me all the time..
  5. see how mine is more different? :\ GRR! lol now water acts stupid it flows the same way as urs does but the texture of it is different same with the lava for me.
  6. You probably have a strange texture pack or some texture pack mod loaded in Minecraft.
  7. Notice how you say tnt lol xD you must use tnt a lot? :p
  8. lol i used it a ton when I was testing TNT for diamond in Town, that is when I noticed ;)
  9. That also happens with sand it seems that if you mine a lot with falling blocks and u r using a power tool (i.e. diamond equips) then it happens frequently...
    The blocks also start vibrating/bouncing but you can walk through them...
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