Glitch with my shop! Sign falls off and system says "Another players shop detected!

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  1. So I've got a shop in my res, and i was changing the price on the string. So I put up the sign and filled it in, and then it said "Another players shop detected"! Help! :(
  2. Ispf you place a sign right behind it, on the same block, it will give this reaction. You cannot place 2 shop signs on one block... :( i got this to...
  3. I believe it's any 2 signs on 1 block, not 2 shop signs. Anyway, it's a known bug but an annoying on nonetheless.
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  4. The system/plugin doesn't do a ignore event whenever 2 shop signs/signs are placed ont he same block. The reason to this is because the plugin is based of another plugin called iConomyChestShop, the plugin automatically(I believe) protects the block that the sign is placed on so whenever another shop sign is placed behind the sign it will not ignore/overwrite the protection method.
  5. I only understood the first 7 words
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