[Glitch] Tripwire Hooks do not trigger when in minecart

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  1. I'm building a subway system and are using tripwire hooks to detect minecarts with passengers - except that they refuse to trigger. They DO trigger when I walk between them, but not when I'm in a minecart.

    Here are screenshots of a test setup:

    This ought to send the minecart into the wall if I'm in it, right? It just won't work no matter how I assemble it. Moreover, I have been unable to replicate the glitch in single player; there it works perfectly.

    Can anyone confirm this?
  2. Well, its because when you get in a minecart, Minecraft thinks you're a 1 block 1 entity so it isn't tripped as it doesn't know you're there. If that makes sense? xD Also I think its the way the server handles entities
  3. You might want to use detector rails. If you can make them work with your design.
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  4. as others have hinted at. This may not be an intended vanilla Minecraft feature. Does it work in Single Player? if not- than it may not suppose to work
  5. The above setup DOES work in single player. It's only in multiplayer that it doesn't work, which leads me to believe that it is a server-side bug.
  6. It may be any of the following:
    • Mojang messed up the server files
    • Bukkit team messed up somewhere
    • Spigot made a mistake
    • A plugin isn't working right
  7. Or - Aikar did it, which I did.

    I'll look into it but no promises. I cant undo the change I did, its too big to give up just to fix trip wires in a minecart.
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  8. After spending an hour trying to figure out why my rail system wasn't working, this answers the questions, haha.

    Any news regarding a fix for this, Aikar?
  9. the same tripwire thing happens with bouts too